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About Product

GRSUltra is a breakthrough discovery containing clinically-proven nutrients that promotes gluthathione for cellular health.*

  • Protects against free radicals
  • Supports healthy cell function & healthy aging
  • Promotes Cell Defense from Oxidative Stress
  • Supports healthy/normal glutathione, a cellular antioxidant
  • Manufactured in the USA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Scientific Research

From the manufacturer

Safety First
We believe that you should be empowered with all the information you need to make the right decisions when purchasing products related to your health. That’s why we provide you with everything you need to choose a product with confidence.

Third Party Tested
Even though the FDA does not currently require us to undergo independent third-party testing, we believe there should be no compromises where your health is concerned. All our products are verified for purity and potency by specialized ISO 17025 third party laboratories, so you can be sure that what you buy is what you get.
GMP Compliant
Our manufacturing facilities comply to the strictest cGMP standards. From the sourcing for raw ingredients to quality control labs in our US manufacturing facilities, we maintain one of the most comprehensive safety and quality assurance programs in the industry.

Made in the USA
When it comes to your health, you deserve only the best. That’s why we’re proud to say that all our products are manufactured right here in the good ole US of A, under the strictest quality control standards.

Important information


Selenium (from high-selenium yeast) (SelenoExcell®), N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Red Orange Complex®  Blood Orange Extract (fruit pericarp) (8.5% flavanones, 2.8% anthocyanins, & 1.8% hydroxycinnamic acid).
Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid, magnesium steara te, and silica.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, adults take two (2) capsules on an empty stomach prior to a meal.
WARNINGS: Do not exceed recommended serving size. If you are pregnant nursing, have a medical conditions, or are taking any medications, consult your physician before use. If adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry place and avoid excessive heat.

Legal Disclaimer

(SelenoExcell®) is a registered trademark of Cypress Systems, Inc.
Red Orange ComplexTM is a registered trademark of Bionap SRL.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Clover 7 Nutritionals Pte Ltd, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us. Our industry best 365-Day Money Back Guarantee states that either you are 100% satisfied, or your money back.
You can place your order safely and know that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give GRSUltra a try and see the difference it could bring to your life. If at any time you are not happy with GRSUltra, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked. We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

 GRSUltra™ Customer Reviews
*Disclaimer - These results should not be regarded as typical and personal experience may vary.
Posted by Marie |check_circle Verified Purchase
I’m 64 and have heaps of energy and my friends are asking me what I’m taking as they think I’m looking a lot younger these days!
Posted by Jeff |check_circle Verified Purchase
I feel like I have better joint mobility. I have more energy and my thinking is more clear. I sleep better. In fact, everything is better!
Posted by Pat |check_circle Verified Purchase
I’ve lost some weight as well as some belly fat. I’ve noticed less swelling and my workouts have improved.
Posted by Steph |check_circle Verified Purchase
I have been praying that God would lead me to energy and He did. I’m so amazed...Thank you GRSUltra. I feel like you saved my life.
Posted by Eve |check_circle Verified Purchase
I have taken GRSUltra for two weeks and feel relief. This is the most pain-relief I have felt since 1980. I have hope again!
Posted by Lois |check_circle Verified Purchase
For the first time in forever I actually slept more than 2 hours a night. I immediately attributed it to GRSUltra.
Posted by Val |check_circle Verified Purchase
Because of the energy, I think that it helps me function at a level that seems 20 years younger than my age. I feel more positive.
I can think clearly again for the first time in nearly 7 years!
Posted by Anonymous |check_circle Verified Purchase
My brain fog has lifted... GRSUltra has given me my mind back. I can think clearly again for the first time in nearly 7 years!
My well-being has improved.
Posted by Joe |check_circle Verified Purchase
I’m 64 and I needed some help as far as focus, alertness and energy. GRSUltra is helping in all those areas! I stay focused and have more mental alertness. My well-being has improved, too.
I feel like the old me again!
Posted by Charlie |check_circle Verified Purchase
I used to wake up in the morning with pains in my legs, which continued throughout the day. With GRSultra, I’m able to once again do activities that I couldn’t do for years. I feel like I feel like the old me again! ...
It’s a calm energy that allows me to stay alert all day.
Posted by Linda | check_circle Verified Purchase
GRSUltra provides an energy I can’t get from anything else. It’s not like coffee that gives me the kickstart and then leaves me tired and needing another one. It’s a calm energy that allows me to stay alert all day. From day one I could get through the day without crashing in the afternoon. And I've been ...
I am more agile every day.
Posted by D_ebra |check_circle Verified Purchase
I’ve been taking it for two weeks now and there is definite improvement! For the last two years I have found it difficult to climb up and down stairs. Not anymore! It’s easier to move and I manage stairs very well. Getting out of bed is easy. I used to worry about the future—not anymore. I am...
My well-being has skyrocketed and it feels like my whole body is improving.
Posted by T_Ramos | check_circle Verified Purchase
In the second week of taking it I quickly noticed definite improvements in my overall energy as well as some weight loss. It seems like I can see things easier and clearer and my well-being has skyrocketed. It feels like my whole body is improving. I am very glad I found GRS!
I have gotten my mobility and energy back.
Posted by Clyde |check_circle Verified Purchase
I have gotten my mobility and energy back, it is easier to breathe...and Iam feeling better and better every day. I’ve struggled over the past year and a half, trying to bring life back to me. Then I found GRSUltra—and love it. I feel alive again.
I have more energy than I have had in years!
Posted by Jace | check_circle Verified Purchase
I have more energy than I have had in years! I felt so good that I got up on Sunday before church and walked two and a half miles! I also started working out with weights – something I’ve wanted to do for a while now but just couldn’t make myself do it. This formula...
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